Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My art

My life has always been inflluenced by art and creativity. As a kid, my dad would take me along with him as his 'assistant' to go paint murals he would do on the side. I would clean his brushes, paint a large section that I couldn't possibly mess-up, and help clean up. He has always done tattoos, sketches, paintings on canvas, murals on walls, etc. I've been around to see it all.
Well, I didn't believe he had such an impact on me until a few years ago. He bought me a huge canvas, acrylic paints, a brush set, etc. I mean, I knew I was creative, pretty good at drawing, had a good handle on some watercolors, but never thought much of it. And I told him, 'I don't know how to paint.' He said, 'Yes, you do. You just don't know it yet.' So he told me to paint whatever I wanted and to send him a picture when I finished.
It took me a short time to figure out what I wanted to paint. I have been fascinated by the colors and the meaning behind the tradition of dia de los muertos (day of the dead). So, a sugar skull it would be. It didn't turn out perfect, but I loved it and I kept painting. Here are some of my paitings I have done. Some inpired by pictures I've seen, loteria cards, etc. but all in all, I love to play with color ☺
I will keep posting as I keep painting more ☺

In order of being painted [Left to right]: Psychedellic Sugar,
Cherry Breeze, Amor Azul
[Bottom right]: Luna Serenade

Painting I made for my friend Sarah using some bright gold
concentrated acrylic for some sparkle ☺ 

Roses & Skulls

Jewelry box I painted for a friend
Inside of jewelry box
[Left]: My painting [Right]: Actual loteria card
[Left]: my painting [Right]: Actual loteria Card

[Left]: My painting [Right]: Actual loteria card
Incubus inpired Skull

My most recent: Love birds.
Thanks for believing in me and always being such an inspiration, daddy. I love you.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Product review: Butter London

Pretty much love this nail polish.

Sure it costs more than your average nail polish, but not by much and the quality is pretty phenomenal. You get what you pay for. You don't have to apply coat after coat to achieve the actual shade. 2 coats, that's it.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

No more running on 'E'

It's Christmas time! What better gift for the 'please-stay-the-hell-away-from-me until-you've-had-your-coffee' friend?
Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Nice cakes, Bri ;]


All of these cakes have been made by my good friend, Briana Reyes. You can contact her if you are interested in having a cake made for your next birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, etc.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thalia Ortiz

There are many things that our family (mother's side) shares: we are related (duh), girls rule by majority, most of the girls share the same 'almond-shaped eyes' which leads to plenty of us being asked is we are Asian, togetherness, jokes for days, tough love, and most of us were raised with very health conscious parents ♥
One specific girl has always had my heart from day one. Thalia. Not that I love her more than anyone else, it's just the fact that I share many memories with her and see her as a little sister. I've been around her whole life and we have always been close. Could have to do with the fact that her mom, being my mother's youngest sister, lived with us for a while and I grew really close to her before she started a family of her own. I saw her as my 'cool aunt.' I loved how she would make collages of her favorite artists, bands, actors, words, pictures and glue them on things around her room.
When Thalia was born, I knew I finally had a little sister.
She has always had a brightness about her. Quiet most of the time, but very loud on the inside. Once you broke her a bit, her attitude would surprise you. She speaks her mind, is level-headed, sarcastic and is very creative. Something we share in common.
I am constantly creating something. Whether it be in the kitchen, on a canvas, with one of my cameras, in a journal.. you name it. Creating anything beings me joy. She is the same way. She has those same sort of wheels turning in her head. I know she will go far because although she may procrastinate at times, she knows what she wants and is a positive person.
Here are a few of her creations (she's made more clothes, but they got sold, lol):

I cannot express how proud I am of the lady she is becoming. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! Love you, Thatis ♥ Now, go make me some sweaters. It's cold out here! ☺

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

15 stories in 6 days

This Level 9 earthquake-resistance, energy efficient, sound proof building was built in six days. No injuries were sustained during the speedy but very efficient construction of this building. This is the first building in human history to comine almost all environmentally friendly, comfortable and secure elements.
I wonder if anyone in the neighborhood took off for a week during this time, wondering if they were still in the same neighborhood when they got back.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Morning Tee

Totally 80s

Starting your morning with the coolest Breakfast Club :P
Watching Duck Tales

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Evelyn, The Make-up Artist

"It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart." - is what my friend, Evelyn Ramirez, always says.

One Christmas day, when Evelyn was 5 years old, she opened up her Christmas gift from her mom. Her very first make-up palette. That's when, she says, she fell in love with art.

Evelyn is a Freelance Make-up Artist, based out of Pasadena, CA. A graduate from Makeup Designory in Burbank, CA. she has been doing Make-up for over 6 years now and loves it!

I have learned a few things from her and can say she is the best at what she does that I personally know. That's why I always recommend her to anyone in the area. Her rates are reasonable, she is super dependable, honest, hard-working, has a good ear for listening to her clients' needs, and an awesome technique when it comes to make-up. She's worked everything from fashion shows, photoshoots, weddings, quinceaƱeras, etc.

Some of Evelyn's work:

Evelyn's Contact information:
Contact Evelyn directly at:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mundane Mondays

Saw this on The Ellen Show and had to repost.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bacardi buildings: Works of art

These buildings are classy and just plain beautiful.
Long story short: The Bacardi family is originally from Cuba, and like many other families, they fled the country after Fidel Castro's revolution in the late 1950's, settling in Miami, FL.

One building is an eight-story tower (designed by Architect Enrique Gutierrez) features a white and blue Spanish mural (created by Francisco Brennand of Recife). The murals are made of 28,000 hand-painted, glazed and baked tiles measuring 6"x6" and are surrounded by a marble border. This has been home to Bacardi since they built it in 1963.

The second building was constructed in 1973 (created by Architect Ignacio Carerra-Justiz). It's a modern square building raised 47 feet off the ground around a central core. It features four huge walls made up of 1" thick chunks of hammered glass mural tapestries. It is built to withstand hurricane winds.

(Physical address: 2100 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL.) 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Peacock inspired makeup

I have yet to touch my canvas with a paintbrush these days, but I have been having fun with my make-up, lol. Today, I posted pictures from my personal collection of some places I've been to in California. One of them being one of a peacock I saw walking around the San Francisco Zoo.

So, I decided I wanted to do my makeup like one. Its pretty simple. These are the products I used on my eyes:

Top row: Jazzy Shadows pigment stack (the 4th color down BRIGHT fuscia color), Hard Candy Liquid Liner in gold, Ruthless Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base in Light.
Bottom row: Lime green eyeshadow base (not sure by who), MAC eyeshadow in Humid and Elite, Ruthless Cosmetics POPART 5 Pan Palette (I used the blue and yellow)

And as my friend Evelyn would always tell me: 'it's all about the blending, girl.' ;] (love and miss you, amiga) I will be posting a piece on her and her AMAZING work, soon.


Alaska is turning out to be an experience of a lifetime. But there's just something about the diversity in California that makes it so great. Here are just a few pictures from my personal collection. Enjoy.

Southern California (born and raised ☺)

My hometown: Riverside, Ca.

Rubidoux Mountain in Riverside, Ca.

Hermosa Beach, Ca.

Santa Anita
The happiest place on Earth

Downtown LA (before heading to Club Moscow)

Vineyards in Temecula, Ca. (Doesn't compare to Napa Valley)

Northern California (totally left my ♥ there)

San Francisco Zoo
San Francisco Zoo (cont.)
Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, Ca.


Somewhere in SF Before the Tegan and Sarah show
Alamo Square in San Francisco

California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco
Little Italy, SF

China Town, SF

Windmills at Golden Gate Park

Coit Tower in San Francisco

San Francisco Botanical Garden

Haight & Ashbury in SF
Hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Santa Cruz Beach

Barrel Room at Frog's Leap Winery in Napa Ca.

V. Sattui Winery in Napa Valley, Ca.
Nicholson Ranch in Napa Valley, Ca.