Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today Show + Giada = Yummy in my tummy!

This Halloween was a little different from the rest. My boyfriend wasn't around for this one (that's not new) but I didn't have my friends from back home with me because I am now in a new setting. Doesn't matter though, I made the best of it. I invited a couple friends over and made some dinner and treats.

We played with make up and had a chill night. Literally. It has finally started snowing here and it made for some entertaining fun. Let's just say, I will not be sliding around on ice, again. Lol.

So, the treats for the night were some creepy crawlies.

Spider cupcakes! Yes, I know spiders have 8 legs, but I only had so many Pocky sticks!

So, I got the idea from watching the Today Show a few days ago. You just make cupcakes, add some eyes, and for the legs, you use Pocky sticks.

You can find these at your local grocery store in the ethnic aisle.

You snap a small portion of the Pocky stick off (preferably the bottom portion that isn't dipped in the chocolate) and then angle it however you want the spider leg to stick out of the cupcake and 'glue' it together with some melted chocolate. Lay the legs to cool on a non-stick surface and insert into your cupcake ☺

As far as the recipe goes, I used one of Giada's recipes (LOVE HER!) Here is the link to it:

And let me just say, it is DELICIOUS! The cupcakes AND frosting are just fantastic!

Enjoy! ☺


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