Saturday, October 23, 2010

I gave in (with good reason)

Since living in Alaska, I have been told that, being from Southern California, I have yet to experience a real winter. I believe it. I now realize how spoiled I was in many aspects. We don't have all the shopping, dining, entertainment, diversity and sunshine I was used to in California.

Anyhow, my first winter is approaching. After living here for just a couple weeks, your body gets used to the climate change. I found myself being comfortable in 62ºF weather in the summer and on the days the weather went up to the 80's I was uncomfortably hot.

The weather has been in the low 40's for a couple weeks now and I have been doing fine with a jacket or hoodie. Sometimes I throw on a scarf (mainly because I like it as an accessory). Which brings us to my latest purchase: a pair of sheepskin boots. Not 'Uggs' for the sake of not spending a couple hundred dollars on a pair of boots I know damn well I would not take that well care of.

I had never purchased a pair of these seeing as how in California, there would be no need for them. Although, many girls did wear them. Fine, they are 'cute' and I will admit that worn appropriately it was okay. But how many times had I seen a girl wear them with a skirt or pair of shorts? I mean, really?

This was sign in California that fall was approaching.

You're a walking contradiction

This is acceptable:
Cozy and cute

Now, I wear them with good reason. I actually need to keep warm. My decision is justified and my feet are cozy. ☺


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